What is your plan for me today?

       I really enjoyed David’s sermon on knowing and living out God’s plan in my life. The notion of God having a personal plan for each of us has come up a number of times lately in my Bible study, quiet or listening time and in prayer. So, hearing yet another perspective was perfect timing.
              Just recently I was emailing back and forth with a friend and she asked how things were with me. So after a few short blurbs about some of the things of absolutely little or no importance that I spent time on, I shared with her a change in how I was looking at the whole personal spiritual question of, “God, what is your plan for my life?” A few weeks prior I had listened to a podcast interview of a young pastor who was asked that same question. He said that he was no longer caught up in knowing God’s plan for his life, rather he puts time and prayer into knowing God’s plan for that day. He went on to say that his prayer each morning is, “God, what is your plan for me today?” His reasoning matched my friend's response after I shared it. She wrote that she can get so caught up in the “big picture” or the next big life event that many days get wasted away planning and thinking about those and she misses out on the day-to-day opportunities where life is really happening. Isn't that true for all of us at times that we get so caught up for planning for the future- and even outlining it for God in case He needed some guidance- that the todays fly by with nothing  accomplished on behalf of the kingdom? Aren’t the day-to-day opportunities where God does His best work? The todays?

              I wonder, parents if when your little ones are growing up you asked each one in the morning, “What do you think God’s plan is for you today?” if it would have a significant impact on their spiritual life choices as adults. It is so easy to lose sight of God in the present if we only question Him about our future. Obviously it is true that his plan is from the moment of birth to the moment of reunion. But the time in between is measured in seconds not years or “seasons”. So I now pray each morning, “God, what is your plan for me today?


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